Recordings and DVDs

Linda is excited to announce her new release.

Please visit the store or contact us to purchase a copy.

  • Te Amo
    release date:
    April, 2015

    No tengo que saber que ha de venir...

  • Mi Amigo
    release date:
    January 15th 2014

    Nada mas y nada menos...

  • He Sets Me Free
    release date:
    February 13st 2013

    If the Son sets you free...

  • Tu Me Haces Libre
    release date:
    Febrero 13st 2013

    Si el Hijo os libertare...

  • Circles
    release date:
    July 1st 2011

    As our Lord's Kingdom Comes to this earth, our Faith Will Rise and His name will be glorified.